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Precision Horse Training ~ New Stallion

Precision Horse Training is proud to announce......

Sam's Magicque

2014 Solid Black Friesian Stallion

This elegant stallion is registered with FHH, sired by the one and only, SAM. He is an FPZV Approved 1st Premier Performance Stallion excelling in dressage competitions across the United States who attained PRE ST. GEORGE in FEI LVL. Additionally, he was the horse of the year, with an impressive linear score sheet! His scores were the highest of any Friesian stallion.

His dam’s sire, FEIKE 395 Sport is an FHANA Approved stallion, FPS Approved 1st Premier Stallion, known for his smooth movement.

The Friesian breed has a rich history dating back to the 4th century. They were mighty warhorses that transported crusaders into battle during the 12th and 13th centuries. Later they became the Demand of Royalty. Over time the pureblood breed became rare. Sam’s Magicque will be standing for the first time to the public in 2023! We are very excited to present this exquisite stallion that has Conformation, Class, Pedigree and Presence! We encourage you to come meet Sam’s Magicque, in person. His gorgeous movement and gentle & kind disposition will capture you, the minute you touch him. Negative for Dwarfism & Hydrocephalus 2023 Introductory Fee: $500 LFG AI Services Available ~ Shipped Semen

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