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Thank you sooo much Christine

About 2 years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to breed my mare for a 2011 foal. That filly arrived just in time as my husband and I endured heartbreak when we lost a child. I spent everyday with that filly and she was my world and I thought she would be forever. However I soon became pregnant again and my husband and I welcomed a baby boy into our lives. Although I loved my filly deeply she was constantly being put as some would say "on the back burner". She went from being an "ahead of the game" weanling to a filly that needed a job quickly. So I contacted Christine at Precision Horse Training and she made me feel like a priority and made me feel like I had some options with my filly. My filly spent not a day more then 30 days in training with Christine and she was a new girl. At that point I had to choose between bringing her home and potentially loosing some of what she had gained or face the option of selling her. That had never been an option until this point. But then, Christine assured me that the filly would be placed appropriately and in a good home and Christine would have it no other way. After all that we had gone thru I couldn't face another heartbreak...but it turned out to be a blessing, not just for my family but for a very deserving family up north who ended up purchasing my filly who now responds to "Buttons". Till this day I am in close contact personally with them, we share photos and videos as well as notes here and there. I couldn't be more happy with the way I was treated by Christine and her family and friends at Precision Horse Training and I would recommend them to not just anybody but everybody! Thank you sooo much Christine, I hope to need your services in the future again.

Audra Estramado, Gold Hill, OR


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