Behaved just as you advertised him

Hey Christine

Hi Christine, rode Calvin (I have renamed him Chisum) for the first time today and he did fantastic!  He has behaved just as you advertised him.  No buck, no spook, and I rode him out alone from the other horses and all he did was raise his head and pause for a moment when he heard one of them whinny from afar.  I think he will work out perfectly for my sister who is a novice rider.  Farrier put shoes on him last week and he behaved like a perfect gentleman.  I only wish now that I had run across your place sooner before I had already purchased from another place--which I've not been very satisfied with.  Thanks so much for working with me on this horse.


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Thank you!

We bought our horse through Christine and she is a pleasure to work with. Friendly, positive, and deeply knowledgeable about horses, she was a big help to us getting back into riding. She always seems