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Precision Fees  (moving to Texas 10/23 ~ will be updated soon)

*Prices subject to change without online notice



    Indoor Stall Board                                                                 $750/Month

    Standing A Stallion                                                                $1025/Month

  (Includes Longing, Turn Out, Clipping, Blanketing)

    Foaling Stall                                                                            $850/Month




    Halter Fitting                                                                         $650/Month

    Performance Training                                                          $650/Month

    Starting Colts                                                                         $650/Month

    Problem Solving (Includes Board)                                      $1700/Month

    Halter Breaking                                                                     $500/Month


Phantom Training

     Train Stallion to Phantom                                                    $250/Hour


Collecting Stallion/Shipping Semen

This fee is due before semen is shipped or before mare is bred. $225/Collection is the fee for collecting/shipping semen or collecting to breed a mare here on the farm.

     Collecting Stallion, Complete Semen Analysis, Extending Semen, Preparing Shipment

     Semen Collection/Evaluation                                               $225/Collection


 Mare Care/Breeding

       Daily Mare Care (Dry)                                                           $25/Day

       Daily Mare Care (Wet)                                                          $28/Day


       Regumate                                                                               $10/Day

Foaling Services:

Our mares here for foaling are housed in 12 X 18 foaling stalls, bedded in thick bedding and cleaned twice daily. We are equipped with camera systems and mares are examined every couple hours as foaling is near. The foal will receive navel care, enema, probios and 1 week of imprinting. It is recommended that a veterinarian come out within 12 hours for an examination of the mare and foal and an IGG Antibody Blood Test. This fee needs to be paid directly to veterinarian.

$1500 plus mare care

Book now to reserve your spot!



Additional Services Available

     Longing                                                                                      $15/Day

     Daily Turn Out                                                                          $5/Day

     Daily Blanketing                                                                       $5/Day

     Administering Medication (owner provides)                       $5/Treatment

     Assist Veterinarian                                                                  $25/Hour

     Assist Farrier                                                                            $25/Hour



     Private Lesson                                                                        $75/Hour

     Group Lesson                                                                         Quoted Individually

     Seminars                                                                                 Quoted Individually

     Clinics                                                                                     Quoted Individually




BEMER Treatment        $75.00/Treatment ($50/Treatment for multiple horses)
Haul in or Ranch Calls Available

Theraplate                   $20/Treatment



Show Fees

     Complete Body Clip                                                              $350/Horse

     Show Prep Fee                                                                       $300/Horse

 (Includes all clipping, bathing, banding & Show Grooming)

      Banding                                                                                  $100/Horse/Show

       Face Clipping                                                                        $30/Horse/Show

      Day Fee                                                                                   $350/Day


Trainers Accommodations

     Applicable RV Space for Living Quarters Trailer, or hotel, split by all participating clients, divided equally.


Stalls/Tack Room/Bedding

     Must be prepaid, will be sent in as a group by deadline.  Tack Room will be divided by all participating clients.

Show Entry Fees

     Blank check (made out to applicable club) must be received prior to departure for show, unless owner will be present.

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