Support Team

Mitch Benson, DVM


Dr Mitch Benson has been the primary veterinarian at Precision Training LLC for the past 8 years. Having a qualified veterinarian part of our team is a huge reason for our success. I am able to contact him at any hour, day or night, with the needs of any horse under Precision Training’s care. Not only is he a fabulous veterinarian with years of knowledge and expertise; his honesty, integrity and professionalism are the reasons why he is a valuable part of our team.

Dr Benson and his staff are well qualified to assist you with all your equine veterinary needs.


Joe Jordahl, Farrier


Joe Jordahl has been the primary farrier for Precision Training for over 10 years.  His expertise, knowledge, attention to detail and professionalism has everything to do with the overall well being of your horse.  He always makes himself available last minute, if needed and is here once a week keeping all the Precision horses stay in top working condition!

Becky Hayes

Web Media Specialist

Becky and Moonshine.jpg

Becky Hayes has been Precision Horse Training's Website Design and marketing for over 18 years. Christine and Becky made this partnership when Becky needed someone to start her Cremello ASP stallion, Moonshine.  Pictured above Becky on her horse, Moonshine. Moonshine is turning 20 yrs old this year!