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Training Facility


Our full service training facility is in New Ulm, Texas, USA.  

We feed most of our training horses  Alfalfa or Grass Hay, and will adjust to each horses’ feeding requirements.


Stalls are cleaned 7 days/week.  We take quite a bit of pride in keeping our facility immaculate, so know your horse is always in the best of hands! 


Owners are welcomed and encouraged to visit anytime.

Training Programs

All of our training programs are individualized, and include weekly sessions with the owner.  Prior to a horse coming into the training barn, it’s always a good idea to take up on the evaluation we offer at no charge to discuss our upcoming goals for both you and your horse.  All clients are kept extremely involved with their horses, as that is the key to perfection!!!!!!!  Our clients are encouraged to come out as much as possible; it’s amazing to watch your loved one progress so quickly!

Horses are handled daily, regardless of what training program they are involved with.  We really utilize our turn out pens for horses that have a day off of training.  All training horses are hosed daily, clipped weekly, and groomed twice daily.  Our “kids” always seem real happy, feel free to drop in anytime and check it out for yourself!

Training Video of "This is Lazy" Precision Horse Stallion: 

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