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I am THRILLED with my purchase of Monte from Christine at Precision Horse Training!  The video you showed of him was a perfect description of this horse.  He looks and behaves just as shown. 

I am so glad I found him through you.  I was concerned about buying him sight unseen, not having ever purchased a horse through you, but I am so pleasantly surprised.  This horse is perfect for me!  Thank you!

Hey Christine

Hi Christine, rode Calvin (I have renamed him Chisum) for the first time today and he did fantastic!  He has behaved just as you advertised him.  No buck, no spook, and I rode him out alone from the other horses and all he did was raise his head and pause for a moment when he heard one of them whinny from afar.  I think he will work out perfectly for my sister who is a novice rider.  Farrier put shoes on him last week and he behaved like a perfect gentleman.  I only wish now that I had run across your place sooner before I had already purchased from another place--which I've not been very satisfied with.  Thanks so much for working with me on this horse.



Hey Christine

I wanted to give some feedback on our two Anderson boys. They are everything we wanted them to be! We were looking for super calm, sweet, well broke horses and they are all that. They let us throw their coats on, brush and feed them with no concern- they go on walks on the ranch and seem like they are enjoying the adventure- both just walk calmly by our sides! They even spotted a herd of elk and it was fun watching both sides size each other up- but there was no snorting or nervousness. Jagger is definitely the look out and Dakota is more the follower! Jagger tried being boss with me the first day and once I corrected him he is as good as can be. Both walk and stop and do all the commands perfectly. My husband is happy with both too. The boys seem to love their pasture- 7 acres and even with the snow they are out wandering around in it rather than staying in the lean to. Anyway! Thanks for all your help! You found us some good ones.


I’d been searching for my perfect match horse for awhile. After years of rescuing horses, rehabbing and restarting I decided I wanted a safe, trained, sound, friendly horse. My first ever like that! When I came upon Gracie at Precision Training I fell in love. She looked not only innately kind but well loved and trained by humans and thus very trusting. And beautiful! I also really loved Christine’s training style and how Gracie was relaxed in her body, collected but not overly collected like so many people ride today. She was exposed to things other than just the ring as well. I decided to try her out and all I’d seen on her video was there in person except she was even more gorgeous! Christine struck me as down to earth and trustworthy and made sure I knew all about the horse, good and bad. She truly seemed to be looking for a good match for the horse not just a sale. I tend to be skeptical so this was refreshing. It was a big purchase but finally my family decided on buying Gracie. I have never been this in love with a horse. She’s my perfect match and I’m enjoying her even more than I thought I could. The first day I rode her she was perfect and even safe on a trail. She is so trusting of humans and loves being ridden (and hugged). I am very grateful for Christine’s service of training horses in a horse healthy way and of matching us humans with these amazing creatures. I also appreciate her relaxed style. She’s high quality yet very down to earth. Thank you, thank you Christine for this invaluable service. We love our new family member!!!


:) Maggie

Christine, I want to thank you for helping me find Chica the perfect horse for me and my granddaughers. I have had horses since I was 12 years old and have had some good ones that were forever horses. I have tried to find a replacement. Unfortunately I have been burned in the process with people not being honest. I truly dreaded the thought of trying again. I have been watching your website off an on for a couple years but wasn't ready. I just decided Tuesday that I am not going to settle and I want to truly enjoy my horse and have something safe for my grandkids. I seen Chica and she sounded exactly what I was looking for plus she is beautiful. I read all the reviews and saw how many people bought sight un seen with most of them saying they would never do that, I also felt the same way. Talking to you put me at ease so I did take the leap of faith two days later Thursday and I am so glad I did. I have found my forever horse and I can't thank you enough for your honesty and integrity that you show in your business practices. I feel blessed to have Chica.


Tracey Sally

My daughter came across Winston on dreamhorse.com and saw he was at Precision Horse Training.  His video wow'ed her and we planned to meet but found ourselves in Canada instead for a vacation we could not reschedule.  Christine was very quick to respond to all our questions.  We wanted a horse that had a lot of personality and would bond and be very sweet.  Christine described how Winston would come right to her if she entered the stall and lower his head to snuggle. Against our better judgment we bought him sight unseen as we could not get to OR from Canada in a timely manner.  We trusted Christine with the information and description of Winston.  He arrived via a shipper she recommended, in good health and was everything she described and more.  He has more personality than we ever expected.  He is sweet, a clown, kind and willing to work hard.  He loves all the other horses he meets, he gets along with every horse and human.  She fell in love with him immediately.  They just got high point along with other ribbons at Donida farms in last weekend's show.  He will be competing in Wahset, 4H and they plan to start AQHA and other circuits.  We look forward to their future accomplishments.  We are not looking for another horse at the moment, but if we ever do, I would not hesitate to buy another from Christine.  I have told several people about you and your place and they were impressed and plan to check your website regularly.  



We truly cannot thank you enough for Whiskey and how amazing he is. We took him out today for his first trail ride and he was everything we hoped for and more. He truly is worth his weight in gold! He is everything like you described and more. He is the perfect family horse and will spend the rest of his days loved. My daughter (14months) loves waving and saying “hi horsie” and laying her head on his neck. I can’t wait for the two of them to grow up together. We truly can’t thank you enough and just know that Whiskey has an amazing home. We did change his name. His official name will be Sergeant Murphy but we will call him Murph [my daughters name is Reagan (after the president) so we tried to find one that fit with Ronald Reagan- aka the movie Ronald Reagan starred in]

Lauren Ispas

Hi Christine,

this is Vanessa in Southern California. I’ve been wanting to write you a nice review for sometime now. I purchased a handsome AQHA from you named Mr. T. You told me he was a very mellow horse but a little green. Thank you for your honesty. I put him in training and he’s turned out to be phenomenal all around guy. I recently purchased another horse from someone else and it made me appreciate you even more. Everyone in the family fights over riding Mr. T. We adore him. Thank you!
Vanessa Norris

So Happy with Chip! I was searching for a certain Bloodline & temperament. Chip is everything Christine said he would be. He traveled from Oregon to Pennsylvania with a shipper recommended by Christine they took their time stopped every night with a day off to rest. Chip walked off the trailer happy & perfect. Thanks Precision Training, Christine & trailering Team for my heart Horse Chip.

Heidi Beth


Hi Christine,

I wanted to thank you again and tell you how thrilled I am with Sampson. He's just what you said he was, sweet, willing, people oriented, good minded (very good!), a little green, athletic, and quiet. And of course I think he's drop dead gorgeous! There have been no surprises with him. He's taking to cowboy dressage basics like a duck to water, and we have our first Mt. Trail clinic in August.

I have always purchased horses directly from the owner so wasn't sure how this kind of sale would work, but you were wonderful to work with! You were friendly and professional in every aspect. The horses are beautifully kept and presented, communication was easy and quick, and you were up front and honest about the horse and purchase process. I appreciated the help when I asked about hauling and the prepurchase exam, and how appointments were on time and unhurried. So much easier than some past horse buying experiences!

I'll keep in touch and share some of our adventures together!

All the best,

Cameron Pedri


*We are from the Boise area, and had the pleasure to meet Christine in February, when we drove to Medford to look at a 2yr old paint horse that was for sale.

My 15yr old daughter and I immediately were comfortable with Christine's outgoing, professional personality, her knowledge and experience with training horses and helping people find the right horse.

The barn and all the animals were exceptionally well cared for, and Christine did an excellent job of demonstrating the horses skill level, and answering any questions we had.

When we picked up the horse in April and brought her home, we continue to be amazed, at the exceptional foundation and under saddle training that Christine had given this filly. I believe we are at ride #15, and this filly is trotting very consistently and quiet - which is an absolute reflection of the quality n integrity start she got being started by Christine!

Thank U Christine - we are so thankful we met you! You are a great horseman!

Lori & Ally Walker - Boise, Idaho

Lori & Ally Walker


RE: Little Grey Gelding (Precision Horse Training)

I have been actively looking for a nice ranch gelding for many years. Every time I would find one that I liked it always came back from Precision Horse Training. I finally decided this year was the year to purchase. I saw the cutest Rose Grey Gelding on Precision Horse Training’s website. I called and spoke with owner Christine Boehle.

Christine was very helpful, upfront and extremely honest about the grey gelding. I live in California and had made an appointment to ride the gelding. I had a veterinarian go out to the facility and do a pre purchase exam prior to my appointment. This was the week of the biggest snow storm Redding Ca has had in a long time.

I decided to purchase the gelding without riding him or seeing him in person and had him transported to my residence. I would never buy a horse without personally seeing him but Christine made me feel very comfortable in my decision.

This was the best decision I ever made and my little grey gelding is the best horse I have ever owned. At 5 years old that gelding will go through anything on the trail and give his all. I highly recommend purchasing any horse from Christine. She was one of the most honest horse people I have ever come across. She cares about her horses and cares about the homes they go to. If I have a question I can contact her and she answers right away. I’m in the process of looking for a horse for my husband and I will look no further than Precision Horse Training.

Amy Kritzer

Amy Kritzer


Chaco...Love at 1st Sight! Well, Christine, your handsome hero is home in Hornbrook, he ate hay, organic grain and is totally loving the freedom & abundant Spring green grass. Brazos Wilfong was polite, friendly, totally professional just like the owner of Precision Training LLC. You ALL have been out of this world, wow.

Thanks & Much Obliged, Happy are the Trails,



I had been looking for a good, well trained horse. I had lost my previous horse, Lady, so this horse had to be like she had been--special. I contacted Christine at Precision Training, after viewing her video, pictures and description of one of her horses (Chip) she had for sale. She was always available to answer my questions and was very straightforward. The whole process from purchase to delivery was professional and easy. Chip is a sweet horse and a pleasure to ride. I highly recommend Christine and her company!



Hi Christine-

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

I wanted to let you know that Mav and I are doing really great. He is the sweetest horse. Just a love. The ranch manager wishes all the horses were as level headed and cooperative as Mav. He had his teeth floated and new shoes and both the Ferrier and vet commented on what a joy Mav is to work with.

Mav is doing very well on the lounge line and under saddle as well. We are working on some lateral movements and he just has the most cooperative attitude.

Thank you so very much for all the wonderful training and foundation you put on this lovely horse.

Much appreciation

Stacy and Mav      Rohnert Park, CA


Thanks Christine for selling me a fantastic horse. I was reluctant to by online, but I got exactly what I wanted. Newt is well trained, smart and honest, as described. Christine told me, that his greatest selling point was his personality, and I could not agree more. I would recommend anyone, looking to buy a horse to her, and I will happily buy from her again and I hope to.

Autumn and Newt


Autumn and Newt


Video Testimonial!

Francesca Vogel


Hi Christine, wanted to thank you for our new guy Houston. He is a sweet, gentle and kind horse who is fitting in to our family beautifully. He loves to go out on trail, loves to lead and we are trusting him with anyone.

Andrea Lennox


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