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We are part of The Best Machine family!

I recently purchased one of Christine's personal colts. I was drawn to 'Carl.' His presence was captivating and his eyes were abundantly soft and kind. He was well loved from the moment he was born and Christine invested in him not as one that would be leaving, but as her own. The foundation 'Carl' was given has set him up for a remarkable future. Christine got to know my family through this process and I truly feel that if she didn't think we would give 'Carl' the right home she would have said no. Her price was so fair and transparent, we got the best quality-minded boy!

We had 'Carl' transported with Christine's recommendation, and could not have been more pleased with Mr. Tanner. Not surprisingly, he also fell in love with 'Carl' and kept me completely updated on their 5 day journey. Our boy went from Idaho to South Carolina, and arrived completely calm, happy, strong, and healthy. 'Carl' instantly took to our mare, Ivy. Truly the perfect match and our family thrives on watching the two of them enjoying life at Lazy Water Farm.

Hannah Mouton


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