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Exactly as described

"Kevin" is the newest member of our family! We purchased him just a week ago and already we are ALL in love with him. He is an absolute sweetheart, kind and gentle and very well trained with a good amount of “go” and an equally good “woah.” He is very uncomplicated.

All that was represented to us about him from Christine at Precision Training was right on point. He is exactly as described. We have already had both me, who has ridden for over 25 years, and my adult son who is a beginner on his back and we both enjoyed the ride. We have also had the kids sit on him with big smiles. We have happily ridden all around the farm, and, in short, enjoyed ALL parts of just being around him. He nickers now when we come to see him.

Thank you, Christine, for your integrity, responsiveness and honesty.

The Dolkas Family


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