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Style, honesty, integrity and boundaries

June 4, 2021

Dear Christine,

I just got up from the barn feeding my extraordinarily wonderful mare and

mini mare.

I want you to know that I truly believe it was meant for me to find you all those years ago, to watch your business grow, see the horses you had for sale, and watch how fast they sold. I learned about your style, honesty, integrity and boundaries, while frustrating for me at times J I understood you had to operate that way or you’d kill yourself trying to please everyone. I also watched the horse prices go up & up & up and the horses you were selling sold just as fast if not faster. So when I just “happened” to catch (I didn’t look at every horse you were selling because I wasn’t in the market anymore) the video of Zippy-Zena, I knew if I wanted a horse I could ride right now, I had to trust my gut and do it because I knew she’d be gone in a heartbeat. I was educated enough to know what horses of yours sold quicker than others and knew I wasn’t the only one out there who’d pay a premium for the perfect match.

Forget what every trainer/friend/shoer/veterinarian I knew would say about a pre-purchase exam, especially for a, gulp, $30,000 horse – Prior to that moment in time I never would have considered buying a horse in that price range even WITH a PPE! So how could I, at 66, still an amateur with confidence issues and hadn’t ridden regularly for about 15 years, justify such a purchase, especially as we don’t have the proverbial deep pockets. We’re certainly comfortable, with a very good life and mostly have the materialistic things one might hope for but also wish we could have more (like a bigger barn, horse trailer, carpenter on staff etc - well, haha, those are my wishes, my husband has his own)

Anyway, the plain and simple truth is I really yearned for one more fantastic horse to go through my senior years with; one not unlike my old, mostly steady, well trained and super smart gelding Mink from the mid 90’s who I bought when he was 17 and lived to 33 and is buried in his favorite pasture spot on our property. So, I jumped in with all four feet without one second or ounce of regret.

I am telling you all this because I want you to know just how much I trust you AND me AND this horse. With the state my ankle and knees are in at the moment I would be hard pressed to ride Boone and he’d be very unhappy. On the other hand, Zena, is perfectly content with the status quo. She doesn’t mind not “working” - as long as I give her lots of love and attention she thrives. J If I had not bought her Christine, I don’t think I’d ever have found the right horse at this moment of my life.

So this is me saying a big THANK YOU –




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