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All Around Pro

I had the pleasure of meeting Christine several years ago when I was looking to breed my mare to a paint stallion that was standing at her facility. When we arrived, she showed us the stallion we were interested in but then introduced us to another one who was living right next to a mare and she told us that he had a wonderful disposition, was athletic and smart. We chose that one and were delighted with the foal we got, who carried that sire’s disposition. When she moved to her next place, we were lucky enough to be literally five minutes away and when we decided to start our Arabian gelding, we took him up to her. She did a wonderful job with him and when we were having trouble loading him in our trailer, she popped right over and loaded him up and took him back to her place to teach him to load more easily. Christine was there for us when we were leaving on vacation but had a mare that was due to foal. We took our very pregnant mare up to her place, where she monitored her 24/7 and helped her foal out. When my mare was having difficulties after foaling, she called her vet who came right out to help. She has been there for us when we have any questions, problems or need advice. She is always readily available and happy to help. She also made a video of my Arabian gelding and put him on a website for us. Her help on the ranch were also super nice and helpful and we looked forward to their annual Christmas parties. Now that she has packed up and moved to Rogue River , we are devastated! It makes us want to move up there as well. I highly recommend her facility and staff to anyone, whether it be to stand a stallion, train a young horse or learn to show, she can do it all! We really miss her!

Susan and Steve Gomez

Placerville, CA


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