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Confidence in her judgment

When you are looking for a horse you can trust with your kids and loved ones, Christine Wakefield provides the guidance and expertise to make the match work. I have confidence in her judgment and she knows how important it is to find "the" lifelong friend. Not only have I purchased 2 horses from Precision Training, I have also trusted Christine to sell two of my horse kids and find the right family for them. She is the best and very honest. I would not hesitate to buy sight unseen....again. You can also have confidence in the expertise of her staff as well. They know how to treat your horses like the precious friends that they are. Since I have never written a testimonial for anyone before, I hope this covers your concerns. If not, feel free to call me. I am now the proud owner of Christine's personal horse, Bob, and the BEST reining cow horse ever, Hailya.

​Virginia Bond


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