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Excellent Judgment

After 10 months of looking for my perfect horse, traveling from Vancouver WA to Santa Rosa CA and many points between, I came upon an ad from Precision Training on a 10 year old all around horse. After speaking with Christine at great length she fully understood my specific needs and exactly the horse I was looking for. Having had a horrible horse accident with limitations to my riding she had 3 horses for me to look at. I was planning on a seasoned well behaved older horse to suit my needs, but she had a 3 year old she just knew I would love. I wasn't planning on buying a baby I would have to work with, but Christine in less than 30 days had Kenny started and assured me that he is exactly what I was needing. Kenny was everything she said he was and more. Just a baby, his personality and trusting demeanor fit my long list of expectations. If it would not have been for Christine and her excellent judgment and the time she took talking to me about my needs I would not have the best horse I have ever owned. Legally Approved aka "Kenny" has been to the Idaho wilderness on extreme trails and has packed out Elk from the treacherous mountains, in the show ring winning high point English horse, worked cows moving over 300 head into and out of the mountains, been an excellent babysitter and lesson horse and has now started competing in barrel racing. Kenny is everything I wanted and needed, and I would never have found my Kenny if it weren't for Christine and Precision Training.

Noel Sweet


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