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Huge blessing to have found them

This is something that is definitely way over due!! Wyatt (Montana Silverado) and I just celebrated our second year Anniversary!! For not having a better cliché…time sure flies when you’re having fun!! Who would think… that I could get along so well with a four year old? When Christine saw us ride for the first time…she knew we would make a great team. I was just on the back side of a horrible life threatening horse accident…so choosing a new horse was very hard. I have a wonderful loving and supportive husband!! J Instead of not wanting me to ride anymore…he encouraged me to hunt for the perfect horse. Wyatt has been that and more…thanks to Christine’s caring heart and wisdom.

Having him home only two weeks… we went on a long trail ride with our friends and new 5 month old puppy running along. Now our Golden Retriever puppy (Chase) is 2 ½ and leading Wyatt around the pasture. He has been on lots of Trail Challenges (even won a few), working cattle and is now one of the official turn back horses for my husband’s “2” Cutting Clubs. If I’m in need of a break… there is always one or two of my friends ready and waiting to jump on his back. Wyatt is a horse that “ALL” my friends dream about having!! Everyone always compliments what a kind and sweet horse Wyatt is. They also want to know if I would ever consider …selling him? NOT!!! Who would think… a four year old could help to bring my confidence back??

Thanks Christine for bringing Wyatt from Montana and doing such an awesome job getting him ready for me!

Christine Wakefield and her family have been a great encouragement to us and we truly value their friendship and also consider it a huge blessing to have found them. This is definitely one huge and positive use of the Internet!!

If I live long enough to wear out Wyatt…I will definitely be coming back to Precision Training for another horse!! I can’t think of anyone else that could even come close to their honesty and integrity!!

Nedra & Wyatt


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