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Precision Training: top notch

We feel so completely fortunate to have met Christine Wakefield and the Precision Horse Training family last year. After keeping an eye on her website for some time we ended up purchasing a spectacular gelding from her. He has been absolutely awesome and he definitely was exactly what was advertised. Just as I was impressed with my new boy I was even more blown away by Christine's utter professionalism. The first day we met her I was overwhelmed by her kindness and the amount of patience she took with me. Having been "horseless" for many years I was slightly apprehensive but Christine made that one of the best days in recent history for me. I left her place with a sore face from smiling so much! Christine never made me feel silly or rushed, she took a lot of time out of her day to ensure I was confident and comfortable with my new horse. It was even her idea for me to haul my saddle out to her barn so she could ensure that I was properly set up with my new boy who is definitely not easy to fit. Purchasing through her was such an exceptional experience all around that I have now purchased two more horses through her and both have been top notch. In fact, that is the only way to describe Precision Training: top notch. Christine conducts herself with the highest level of professionalism and honesty. She hasn't hesitated to tell me if a horse is not going to be a match for me or my family on more than one occasion. I appreciate knowing that she is not in the business of selling us a horse, rather she is in the business of helping match us with our perfect horse. Equally as important I know that any horse she represents is going to be exactly what she says it is, healthy and safe.

Prior to shipping our horses to us they were each boarded at her barn temporarily. Christine and her staff provided impeccable care for our geldings and when they stepped off the trailer at our place they were in great shape and even freshly bathed! The boys even shipped with shiny new rope halters and all their pertinent information in a folder for me, nothing was overlooked. It has been refreshing to meet someone who conducts herself so ethically and professionally with such a friendly demeanor. Our new horses have been a wonderful addition to our family. However, we are very grateful that we have also made wonderful friends in Christine and her family. We are happy customers and Precision fan club members for life!

Jacqlyn Marvin


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