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Purchasing a horse long distance

Purchasing a horse long distance, especially when looking for a long-term commitment, can be a stressful event. Not so with Christine and Precision Horse Training. In our situation, we were looking at pairing a green horse with a green rider, and Christine was forthcoming with her concern regarding our choice of horse. Christine wanted to make sure that neither horse nor rider were being set up for failure. However, after a wonderful dialogue we both felt the situation would work. Now that Ben has arrived, and as we are learning about him and he is learning about us, we are even more confident about our choice. Ben has a super sound mind, talent, and good looks that Precision is known for. Ben is providing the opportunity for a "newbie" to learn, from the ground up, ALL aspects of horsemanship, with a safe horse. We LOVE this gentle guy. Thanks for making sure Christine, and thanks to Wilfong Horse Transport for the safe delivery of this special guy! :) Donna, Milo and Catie


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