Show Mom

I can't really explain all the good times I've had with Precision Training. I've been through a few trainers but Christine's been the best. I've NEVER felt like I couldn't ask her a question. If I had a question and she was doing something she would stop and listen to what I had to say. It doesn't feel like she's our trainer, it feels more like she's a part of our family. At every show we've gone to it's always been fun, and coming from a kid, that's really important. She's more of a show mom. My parents usually work the shows, so I'm usually on my own. Heath is always there to lend a hand, hold a horse, or just offer encouragement. So all I can say is there the best trainer and encourager there is.

Casey Ragsdale

Rocking River Ranch

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Thank you!

We bought our horse through Christine and she is a pleasure to work with. Friendly, positive, and deeply knowledgeable about horses, she was a big help to us getting back into riding. She always seems