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Super calm, sweet, well broke horses

Hey Christine

I wanted to give some feedback on our two Anderson boys. They are everything we wanted them to be! We were looking for super calm, sweet, well broke horses and they are all that. They let us throw their coats on, brush and feed them with no concern- they go on walks on the ranch and seem like they are enjoying the adventure- both just walk calmly by our sides! They even spotted a herd of elk and it was fun watching both sides size each other up- but there was no snorting or nervousness. Jagger is definitely the look out and Dakota is more the follower! Jagger tried being boss with me the first day and once I corrected him he is as good as can be. Both walk and stop and do all the commands perfectly. My husband is happy with both too. The boys seem to love their pasture- 7 acres and even with the snow they are out wandering around in it rather than staying in the lean to. Anyway! Thanks for all your help! You found us some good ones.



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