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Thanks Christine Wakefield ~

What a crazy experience buying my second and also fabulous horse from you in the late fall. I called you in need of a gelding that was quiet enough for my husband or novice friends, after seeing your website which was full of GELDINGS! I left it to you saying "I don't even care how old the horse is, just need a rock solid safe horse!!" You immediately suggested Bandit, although you told me about them all. When I said I could come in a few days, you said you had 2 sets of people coming to see him the next day and suggested I simply get him sight unseen, that he was a "keeper!" I immediately said "I never buy anything without a vet check," but you assured me that you always work the horses quite hard for a couple of weeks prior to putting them on your sale page, and find out as much as possible from the previous owners to assure there wouldn't be a problem especially on a horse that is only 10 years old. With that said, I took a chance and have never been happier!! Bandit has gone from a "ranch horse" to an English arena horse who we even have jumped a tiny bit (but since I really want this one to hold up for trails, jumping will not be his main job). We plan to do some penning this spring, and has already started his other new discipline of Extreme Mountain Trail Obstacles..... Thank you for helping us out, and being so honest about everything. I loved the fact you sent us home with an "owners manual" that included most everything about the horse including his blanket size!!!

Sallie Cutler


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