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Wanted a safe, trained, sound, friendly horse

I’d been searching for my perfect match horse for awhile. After years of rescuing horses, rehabbing and restarting I decided I wanted a safe, trained, sound, friendly horse. My first ever like that! When I came upon Gracie at Precision Training I fell in love. She looked not only innately kind but well loved and trained by humans and thus very trusting. And beautiful! I also really loved Christine’s training style and how Gracie was relaxed in her body, collected but not overly collected like so many people ride today. She was exposed to things other than just the ring as well. I decided to try her out and all I’d seen on her video was there in person except she was even more gorgeous! Christine struck me as down to earth and trustworthy and made sure I knew all about the horse, good and bad. She truly seemed to be looking for a good match for the horse not just a sale. I tend to be skeptical so this was refreshing. It was a big purchase but finally my family decided on buying Gracie. I have never been this in love with a horse. She’s my perfect match and I’m enjoying her even more than I thought I could. The first day I rode her she was perfect and even safe on a trail. She is so trusting of humans and loves being ridden (and hugged). I am very grateful for Christine’s service of training horses in a horse healthy way and of matching us humans with these amazing creatures. I also appreciate her relaxed style. She’s high quality yet very down to earth. Thank you, thank you Christine for this invaluable service. We love our new family member!!!

:) Maggie


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