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Would not hesitate to buy another from Christine

My daughter came across Winston on and saw he was at Precision Horse Training.  His video wow'ed her and we planned to meet but found ourselves in Canada instead for a vacation we could not reschedule.  Christine was very quick to respond to all our questions.  We wanted a horse that had a lot of personality and would bond and be very sweet.  Christine described how Winston would come right to her if she entered the stall and lower his head to snuggle. Against our better judgment we bought him sight unseen as we could not get to OR from Canada in a timely manner.  We trusted Christine with the information and description of Winston.  He arrived via a shipper she recommended, in good health and was everything she described and more.  He has more personality than we ever expected.  He is sweet, a clown, kind and willing to work hard.  He loves all the other horses he meets, he gets along with every horse and human.  She fell in love with him immediately.  They just got high point along with other ribbons at Donida farms in last weekend's show.  He will be competing in Wahset, 4H and they plan to start AQHA and other circuits.  We look forward to their future accomplishments.  We are not looking for another horse at the moment, but if we ever do, I would not hesitate to buy another from Christine.  I have told several people about you and your place and they were impressed and plan to check your website regularly.  



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