WOW She was spot on

I purchased Doc from Precision Training late Feb 2014 sight unseen with the exception of the video, I knew then that he was the horse for me however I thought to myself he looks to good to be true, well let me tell you he is so....much more than I expected exactly what Christine said he was and is, Doc is my saving Grace I explained my situation to Christine and She felt that Doc would be a good fit for me and WOW She was spot on.

I have waited for over 2 1/2-months prior to giving my word on Precision Training, my point is this, Christine is a Woman of Her word I am so thrilled that I trusted Her I love Doc so very much actually Doc is teaching me just like Christine said He would.

I would like to add that Wilfong Equine Services hauled Doc for me Sarah is a real sweetheart they were so professional real safe haulers great People to deal with, Christine recommended them, again no problem.

Janet Goldbeck

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Thank you!

We bought our horse through Christine and she is a pleasure to work with. Friendly, positive, and deeply knowledgeable about horses, she was a big help to us getting back into riding. She always seems